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Relying on a stable and complete quality management system, Zhanwang takes "responsibility is quality's assurance, quality is the priority of company" as idea. Our quality management system is consisted of a 3-level quality management system network, including team-level, workshop-level and factory-level. We also make clear provisions of all staffs' responsibility and authority in quality management system.

The entire process of production and management are operated in accordance with the approvals and quality production standards of China. The Establishment of Production batch is in accordance with the provisions of "the product of the same nature and quality within specified limits, and at the same continuous production cycle produced a number". Before each batch is produced ,it should be confirmed by quality inspection staffs; there are no residues from last operation and the operation place is qualified, and have signature to confirmation, and then it will allow to start the next batch of production, After production, they must strictly implement the regulations of clearance, and clean record is recorded.

Our factory builds a good production, technology, quality management file system, and strictly enforces document drafting, revision, review, approval, undo, printing and storage requirements to ensure that there are no canceled or outdated files in production site. Production of material inputs strict implementation of the provisions of the output material balance, beyond the prescribed limits, identify the reasons for the accident after confirming that no potential quality, only the normal products into the next process, material balance included in the batch production records check. The procedure for the next process is responsible, under the Road procedures for supervision of the procedure.

Zhanwang commits to continuously improving enterprise management level by a series of efforts: strictly quality control and training to improve the awareness of staffs on quality continuously, and then ensure product quality and brand reputation.